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Creative Reatreats - Songcraft Weekend Getaways in Wild Tasmania























Brush up on your songcraft skills or begin your maiden journey into songwriting with these creative reatreats.


Sometimes the dreaded 'artist's block' or 'creative dry spells' are simply a symptom of disconnection with the simpler sides of life. If your musical works are in need of finishing, re-working, or re-styling, or, maybe you've got trouble even just getting started or you feel abandoned by the Muse.


We know that YOU know that song is inside you somewhere!...


These workshops are designed to rejuvenate and awaken the senses and assist you to peel back the dried out layers on the creative onion and get you back to working from your centre.


Spend an inspiring weekend away in beautiful old Tasmania working on your songs 
With the help of some talented song-craft coaches whilst you stay in B&B or Farm-stay style accommodation in some of Tasmania's wildest and most awe inspiring locations, daily meals also provided featuring fresh local produce, prepared by professional chef included.


Workshops include Yoga and Breathwork, Rhythm and Instumental Play, Dance and Movement, Explorations into Poetry and Prose, Sharing Participant Works, Group collaboration, Harmony workshops and, will conclude on the last evening with a final concert to showcase creative progress.


Contact me to express your interest in the next Creative Weekend Retreat


Please note: Rates and Dates will be subject to participant numbers and location.





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