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"Creative Life"  

Creativity Reboot Programs

Design your creative process; Design your Life

Sculpture Artist

The Tortoise

Prefer to go slower?

For those who want support some of the time

One off 90min sessions

1 x 90min 1 to 1 One off session.

See how a supportive mentoring session with supportive counsel can get your creative spark back on track.

When you want to take it day by day, in your own time and go your way.

 $140 p/session

Recording Music

The Hare

Pay in weekly, after an initial commitment deposit

Put that spring back into your creative leaps with 12 of your very own uniquely personalised 90min individual Creativity Reboot sessions, conducted weekly, fortnightly or monthly. It's up to you!

$200 Commitment Deposit, then pay $100 per-session for 12 sessions.


12 sessions to a more creative and productive you!

 $100 p/session

Woman Painting

The Early Bird

The Early Bird gets the worm. Pay Up-Front and Save $200!

Spread your creative wings and finally take that flight with 12 of your very own uniquely personalised 90min individual Creativity Reboot Sessions,

conducted weekly, fortnightly or monthly. It's up to you!

Pay up-front and $ave!

13 sessions; to create a more productively creative YOU!


Concession Card Holder?
Don't worry, there's a solution for you too!


Discounted rates apply for

concession card holders


No need to feel like you can't afford it... if you're a student, job seeker, or retiree on a pension; you too can follow your dreams and ignite your creative engine!

Concessional rates apply for valid concession card holders. Please DO contact me to discuss your options.

Click on the "Book Now" tab and fill out the questionnaire. I will get back to you and we can have a chat.

You and your creative spark are worth the time and resources. I hope to see you soon!

Just imagine...

13 weeks to a more creative and productive you!

Creative Thoughts
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